BodyTalk is transforming healthcare

Instead of a top down approach, that's busy chasing symptoms, BodyTalk helps you heal from the inside out. This means you are seen and heard making empathy, compassion and connection the secret ingredients to this modern approach to healthcare. 


Health is wholeness. When the different parts of your body "talk" you experience health. Stress, trauma, environmental & hereditary influences can short circuit and breakdown pathways of communication. Then your body starts talking to you through symptoms, illness and disease ... 

You can liken your body to a symphony orchestra. Health is the sweet sound of musicality where all aspects of your body are synchronized and in harmony with one another. Illness, disease and symptoms arise when the different aspects of your body are out of tune. This dissonance creates imbalance and you're unable to fully engage your total health potential.  

BodyTalk is new paradigm in healthcare. It helps you cut through the noise so your body can "talk" again. When your body "talks" it heals.

Will BodyTalk help me?


With BodyTalk we throw out the cookie cutter approach and address the relevant underlying and causative factors unique to you. Forget about chasing symptoms. BodyTalk helps you heal on your own terms. 


BodyTalk is an innovation in personalized healthcare. We ask your body what it needs, instead of telling it. This means you receive the precision care you deserve and we catalyze substantive, safe and sustainable changes in your health. You walk away feeling more connected and empowered within yourself, your health and your life.  

Many of my clients have exhibited significant improvements in their health including but not limited to:

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Also, The Journal of Pain Management 2015;7(4):279-290 documents that BodyTalk treatments yield significant improvements in pain level and associated symptoms including anxiety, depression, and fatigue. These findings are also to be published in the 2014 Yearbook of Pain Management.
Read the study.

How does it work?

BodyTalk is healthcare designed by you!

BodyTalk uses a combination of neuromuscular biofeedback, a subtle form of muscle testing, light tapping and touch to help you access inner resources for healing. We literally harness the power of your consciousness to help you heal.

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With neuromuscular biofeedback I use your wrist to consult your body's innate wisdom. I ask very specific yes/no questions to discern what the priority is to restore internal communication and get your body "talking" again.

Your innate wisdom can be likened to the conductor of the symphony orchestra that you are. This is the very healing mechanism or intelligence that heals a paper cut or a sprained ankle and is always working to maintain balance. 

This personalized discovery process highlights the precise communication breakdowns that need to be restored to initiate your unique healing process.

Next I use gentle tapping over the crown of your head to alert your brain to the new pathways of communication that want to come back online. This sends a wave of energy through your system which breaks up whatever dissonance or interference patterns were inhibiting the healthy communication in the first place. This allows your body to find resonance and return to balance according to its own wisdom. 

I then tap over your heart, the largest electromagnetic field in the body, to store and synchronize this new pathway of communication throughout the entire body. It's almost as if we are hitting the refresh button on the computer screen - all of the information is updated and changes in your health are, in a sense, "memorized by heart."

Instead of a short lived, temporary fix, BodyTalk helps you establish long lasting change in your health. As you become more established in the recognition of your wholeness you tap into deep reservoirs of possibility to support vital health and living.

BodyTalk is a life-affirming path of discovery and growth.


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Your body is talking. BodyTalk helps you tune in and listen.

Aside from addressing your chronic and acute health issues BodyTalk gives you an opportunity to know yourself more deeply. Your pain might just be pointing to our purpose. BodyTalk helps you pay attention to your body's wisdom so you live in alignment with your truth and stand in the pillar of your own awareness.  


Let's discuss your healthcare needs and life goals, answer your questions and discuss your curiosities. Schedule a free 20 minute phone consult or book your session below. If you prefer please give me a ring at 406-471-7029. I can't wait to chat and very much look forward to exploring your total health potential with you! 

BodyTalk is for you if:

  • You want healthcare rooted in integrity, innovation & understanding.
  • You're ready to tap into your own body wisdom & heal.
  • The idea of exploring potential & tapping into creativity excites you.  
  • You’re tired of suppressing, chasing or running from symptoms in fear.
  • You want to feel connected, present & inspired on your healing path. 
  • You don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare.
  • You're ready for real, sustainable change and growth in your life.
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During your first session we will complete a comprehensive review of your health history and your health & life goals. From there I can determine a personalized treatment recommendation.

Many clients experience significant improvements in their health in just a few sessions. With systemic health issues and long term unresolved trauma the healing path may require a series of session spaced out over time. 

With BodyTalk your body calls the shots and will determine the frequency of sessions. This way you heal in the sequence that ensures the most effective treatment possible according to your unique needs.

It's my privilege to provide a compassionate, non-judgmental & safe healing environment for you. Attuned listening & presence ensure the highest quality care. Adept communication helps you understand and feel connected to your healing process.

Please check out my FAQs for more details. To learn how BodyTalk has helped others take a peak at my Social Proof page. If you'd like to geek out on consciousness based healthcare venture deeper in my Blog.