I stand for healthcare that cares for your health. Instead of chasing symptoms we address the totality of your being - body, mind and spirit as one. 

I believe healthcare can be a life affirming path of discovery and growth. Healthcare can leave us feeling more connected and whole and even point us to our purpose.

I’m here to make sure you receive the precise and personalized care you deserve with sensitivity, passion and presence.

My goal is to help you rise above health challenges feeling more integrated and vital. This way you can live more fully and engage your absolute potential.

Instead of a top down approach to healthcare, your body calls the shots. You find balance on your own terms. You grow in awareness and learn how to harness the power of your consciousness.

This way you can optimize your performance and live your best life. 


My story 

Prior to being introduced to Reiki in 2009 I literally felt crippled in my body. I suffered from chronic pain tied into scoliosis - a severe curve in my spine. I experienced massive anxiety and depression that was debilitating. Unresolved abuse and trauma was keeping me stuck and holding me back in my body, mind and life. 

My first experience of Reiki offered me a sense of support and connection I had previously not known. I was able to let down my guard. I felt held and supported. Cycles of pain, shame and hate began to unravel. My body and my life began to open. 

Shortly thereafter I began an extensive training in Reiki & Meditation. 

During my years of Reiki & Meditation training in Seattle I began to receive BodyTalk sessions. It was only my second BodyTalk session where my spine began to unwind. I walked out of the office nearly an inch taller! A new organizational intelligence began to assert itself in my body. It was as if I was coming back to my senses and feeling at home inside myself. I was on a healing path!

India called ...

Deepening my Meditation practice seemed the next logical step. I immersed myself in an 8 month residential meditation program in Pune, India. After several months of committed daily practice I was soon trained to facilitate meditation and teach others to do the same.

Being equipped with Reiki and Meditation gave me the skill, awareness and courage to face my pain and access greater inner resources for healing.

When I returned to the United States I began teaching Reiki and Meditation while studying and practicing BodyTalk and Yoga. I began practicing BodyTalk and teaching Yoga professionally shortly thereafter.

With BodyTalk my focus is twofold. I help clients address chronic and acute health issues including autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression and trauma. I also work closely with entrepreneurs to support purpose driven leadership. 

In 2013, upon moving to San Francisco, I founded The Touch Revolution - A Traditional Usui Reiki School rooted in yogic philosophy & meditation. I teach students to integrate these teachings with modern science and understandings of how trauma impacts the brain, body & nervous system. I provide education and mentorship to healthcare professional, yoga instructors and lay people seeking greater resources in trauma healing. 

I now write and present on Trauma-Informed Care for The Breathe Network. The Breath Network is a national organization that helps survivors of sexual abuse and trauma find holistic healthcare professionals equipped to support their unique needs. This has included the development of a comprehensive toolkit to support Reiki practitioners globally to work through a trauma-informed lens. 

I've presented on trauma healing, healthcare and consciousness at: Hive Global LeadersNightlife At The California Academy Of SciencesInstitute Of Noetic Sciences, and the California Institute Of Integral Studies.

You can learn more about my story & my work with BodyTalk on Darren Main's Inquire Within Podcast and check out a contribution to Elephant Journal

After 15 years of private practice I became very compelled at the intersection of pain and purpose. I noticed that some of my most committed clients were purpose driven entrepreneurs, thought leaders, creatives and culture shifters. In 2017, to better support the needs of entrepreneurs committed to a deep dive in healing, I birthed my consulting firm Nimbus. I help other visionaries fulfill their mission and live in their creative genius. In addition to working 1:1 with leaders and entrepreneurs I most recently founded The New Entrepreneur Summit - a live 3 day event - to help people use business as a force for good. 

Check out a recent podcast interview where I discuss the intersection of spirituality, trauma healing, purpose and entrepreneurship. 




Reiki Master Teacher Training Program, Suryo Linda Gardner, Seattle, WA/Tulum, Mexico 2000–05


Osho Meditation Facilitator Training, Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India 2003-04


Sequencology 35 hrs, Lori McAlister, Pure Yoga, NY Jan 2013
Prana Flow, Shiva Rea 400+hrs, Samudra School for Living Yoga 2010-present
Prana Flow Modules:  Embodying the Flow, Mandala of Asanas, Fluid Power, Chakra Vinyasa, Elemental Vinyasa, Rasa Vinyasa, History of Vinyasa Yoga
Assisted Shiva Rea:  Costa Rica 2013-14, Wanderlust Squaw Valley '14, Yoga Tree/San Francisco, '14, 15', Yoga Journal Live/San Francisco ’15, '16, '17, 
Veda Yoga Lifestyle Enhancement Program 180 hrs, Mas Vidal, Bigfork, MT Winter 2008


Certified BodyTalk Practitioner International BodyTalk Association 2005-present

BodyTalk Modules: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
Advanced Module Integration, Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration, Orthopedic Evaluation, Body Chemistry, Finding Health, PaRama 1


Safe Embrace Trauma Healing - Foundation Level 1 Training - Healing meets Activism, Global Gratitude Alliance, Jan 2016
Teachers Assistant - Trauma Course - Integral Counseling Psychotherapy Department, CA Institute Of Integral Studies, Spring 2016


Connective Tissue Release/Manual Therapy, Jared Van Der Beek, San Francisco, April 2016
Indigenous Healing Immersion, Dona Otilia outside of Iquitos, Peru Nov–Dec 2012
Permaculture Design Course, Place of Gathering, Dayton, MT Spring 2012
B.A. Communication/Public Relations University at Buffalo, NY 1999

Speaking Engagements

Hive Global Leaders
Nightlife At The California Academy Of Sciences
Institute Of Noetic Sciences
alifornia Institute Of Integral Studies