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BodyTalk. Personalized, Comprehensive, Life-Affirming Healthcare.
Stop chasing symptoms. Wellbeing. Resilience. Purpose. 

The Resilience Project. Trauma-Informed Reiki & Meditation School.
Self-Care & Practitioner Certification Rooted in Yogic Philosophy.


BodyTalk Is Healthcare Designed By You 

Harness Your Natural Ability To Heal

Your body is designed to heal. BodyTalk helps it remember. Instead of chasing symptoms, BodyTalk helps you address what rests beneath the surface of your health concerns. Learn more.

The Journal of Pain Management documents BodyTalk treatments yield significant improvements in pain level and associated symptoms including anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Read The Study 

How can sessions help me? 

“My T-cells and liver functions have improved dramatically. I am now off almost all of my anti-anxiety meds.” - R. Scot  read more

"I went from taking prescription migraine meds 2x/week to no migraines for months. I got off allergy meds as well." - Courtney  read more

“The chronic flare ups of my ulcerative colitis had drastically diminished.” - Lynn  read more

"My hip pain is a mere memory, digestion is easy, and anxiety has dissipated." - Diane  read more 

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The Resilience Project

A Trauma-Informed Reiki & Meditation School. Self-Care Foundation & Practitioner Certification rooted in Yogic Philosophy.

Start with self-care, then deepen the breadth and scope of your professional healthcare practice.


Healing Practices For You, Your Clients & Your Life

The Resilience Project integrates Meditation and Yogic Philosophy into the Reiki curriculum. This provides a solid grounding and meaningful framework of self-care practices to support your growth as you develop your Reiki practice. This instinctual synthesis brings greater application and more freedom and flow to your Reiki practice. 

"I have found more freedom within, and I have become more confident and effective in my healthcare practice." - Soo  read more

"Reiki took away my constant anxiety, worry, and depression that I used to struggle with on a daily basis." - Lynn  read more

"Learning to practice Reiki helped me to trust my intuition and incorporate it into my daily life." - Oceanna  read more

"I came away with an intimate relationship to my hands and to what it means to be touched by love." - Susan  read more 

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Reiki 1 Self Care Foundation Training
Reiki 2 Practitioner Certification

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