Trauma Healing

BodyTalk is effective and compassionate care for trauma.


Healing Trauma with BodyTalk

Do you feel stuck, isolated, or overwhelmed? Unresolved trauma may have you feeling blocked and disconnected from yourself, your loved ones, and the vision you have for your life. It may also be showing up as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and the list goes on.

If you're here, you're ready to address the impacts of trauma from all angles. And you're ready to commit to a path of healing, in which you can reclaim a sense of stability, connection, and integration.

The affects of trauma are unique for each of us. You deserve a personalized healthcare system that addresses how trauma impacts your brain, nervous system, and body. With BodyTalk we throw out the cookie-cutter approach so you can heal on your own terms and according to your unique needs. This way you access more of your agency and strength to support you in all aspects of your health and life. Trauma can heal. BodyTalk helps.

Our bodies talk! And they can heal themselves. 

Your body is a huge web of internal conversations happening within and across systems. Cool, right? And optimal health is when that intricate communication system is operating at its fullest potential. Are you with me? 

But stress, trauma, environmental factors, and hereditary influences can short circuit and breakdown the pathways that create our optimal health. Basically, wires get crossed. And then your body starts communicating to you through symptoms of illness and disease. 

BodyTalk is a new paradigm in healthcare because it doesn’t try to suppress these symptoms but instead helps repair the internal communication breakdowns causing them. This approach restores balance, wellbeing, and allows you to engage your full health potential.

Will BodyTalk help me?

Yes! Absolutely.

In BodyTalk, we throw out the cookie cutter approach and address how trauma uniquely impacting you. Forget about chasing external symptoms. BodyTalk helps you heal from the inside out. 


What symptoms can BodyTalk address?

BodyTalk is an innovation in personalized healthcare. We ask your body what it needs, instead of telling it. This means you receive the precision care you deserve, and we catalyze safe and sustainable changes in your health. You walk away feeling not only healthier in your body but more connected and empowered in your life.

Trauma can present itself many unresolved health issues. My clients have exhibited significant improvements in their health including but not limited to:

Results & Client Testimonials

Check out my results & yelp pages to hear directly from my clients. 

And, The Journal of Pain Management (a highly-respected, peer-reviewed journal) documents that BodyTalk treatments yield significant improvements in pain level and associated symptoms including anxiety, depression, and fatigue. 

You can read the study here.


How does it work?

BodyTalk is healthcare designed by you!

It uses a combination of neuromuscular biofeedback (a subtle form of muscle testing), light tapping, and touch to help you access inner resources for healing. We literally harness the power of your consciousness to help you heal.

With neuromuscular biofeedback I use your wrist to consult your body's own intelligence. I ask very specific yes/no questions to discern what the priority is to restore internal communication and get your body "talking" again.

Next I use gentle tapping over the crown of your head to alert your brain to the new pathways of communication that want to come back online. This sends a wave of energy through your system which breaks up whatever dissonance or interference patterns were inhibiting healthy communication in the first place. This allows your body to return to balance according to its own wisdom and needs. 

Next I tap over your heart, our largest electromagnetic field, to store and synchronize this new pathway of communication throughout the entire body. It's almost as if we are hitting the refresh button on a computer screen-all of the information is updated and changes in your health are, in a sense, "memorized by heart."

Lastly, I tap over your navel, to integrate the changes in your gut brain. Information is continuously flowing between the brain and the gut and we want to establish a level of gut knowing to synthesize the healing changes at a deep level.

Instead of a short lived, temporary fix, BodyTalk helps you establish long-lasting changes in your health.  This means you can finally get down to the bottom of what ails you and find greater levels of health and wellness than you thought possible. Not only is BodyTalk really good healthcare that works, it’s also a life-affirming path of discovery and growth that helps you fully engage your potential in all aspects of life. 

Ready to heal?

Your body is talking. BodyTalk helps you tune in, listen and heal.


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