How do I register?

Give me a ring at 406-471-7029.  Let’s discuss what you’d like to get out of the program. If the program is right for you I'll send you a PayPal invoice. (You don't need PayPal to make a payment through their service).

What is the investment?


Are payment plans available?

If you qualify you may finance The Touch Revolution and BodyTalk sessions through PayPal Credit. I send you a PayPal invoice and you make financing arrangements with PayPal directly.  This way you have more time to pay and can do so on your own terms. Easy!

What is your deposit/cancellation/refund policy?

Payment in full secures your space. $150 of you payment is a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel more than 4 weeks prior to the start date of the training you receive your full payment minus the $150 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel 1 - 4 weeks prior to the start date of the training you will be refunded 50% of your payment, minus the non-refundable deposit. No refunds are issued after 1 week before the training start date.  

What is the schedule?

Reiki School meets 9am-6pm each day

As these weekends are rather intensive it is advised to clear your schedule to give yourself plenty of space to integrate and process your experience. Try not to have many commitments before or after the training. 

Where is it located?


    What is the group size?


    What will I learn?

    Reiki 1 - Touching with awareness: Self-care foundations

    Create a solid self-care foundation with Reiki & Meditation through experiential, hands on practice. Learn the science behind touch, the energetic heart, heart-brain interactions, epigenetics and coherence integrated in root yogic philosophy teachings. 

    Learn what Reiki is, its origins, precepts and pillars. Understand the difference between treating symptoms and whole system healing. Understand the impact of trauma on the body, brain and nervous system. Learn how to work with healing touch through a trauma informed lens. Develop a toolkit of resourcing practices to help you work with trauma should it become activated in the healing space.

    Learn a comprehensive set of Reiki hand positions and develop intuition through scanning, visualization, grounding and clearing practices. Learn how to work with Reiki through the subtle body of elements, the map of the chakras and emotions. Learn mudras (symbolic hand gestures), mantra (sacred sound) & healing meditations. 

    Reiki 2 - Energetic anatomy: Advanced self-care and trauma informed practitioner certification

    Expand your self-care toolkit. Integrate your Reiki practice with core yogic principles as a path of personal development. In doing so develop the skill and quality of awareness to practice Reiki professionally. Be prepared to shift your perspective and expand your consciousness when it comes to assumptions about health and disease. Explore the many subtle nuances of trauma and how to address and support the impacts of trauma in the healing space.

    Learn Reiki symbols to empower and focus your practice, address emotional balance and offer Reiki over distance - beyond time and space. Explore your relationship to the consciousness of time and separation and how this impacts your health and state of being. 

    Integrate both your Reiki practice and the use of Reiki symbols with an even larger tapestry of yogic philosophy and deeper understandings in Ayurveda and Tantra. Learn more here. Expand your repertoire of resourcing breath practices, visualizations and movement meditation practices to more deeply embody your Reiki practice and hold space for clients.

    Learn how to assess your energetic balance. Become skillful at the art of energetic alchemy so you can respond to your ever changing needs to support your daily balance. Explore how Reiki is a form of self directed neuroplasticity and effectively work with beliefs, emotions and behaviors to rewire the brain in the healing space.

    Finally explore ethical considerations, boundaries and professionalism when sharing Reiki with clients. Learn how to communicate Reiki in a way that helps clients access their own agency on their healing path. 

    Reiki 3 - The art of attention: Reiki mastery life alignment & purpose intensive

    Build upon the plethora of practices you've already embodied and experience Reiki as a pathway of self realization. Learn the master symbol to clean the lens. The master symbol helps you cut though distraction to know yourself more deeply. Working with the master symbol, and advanced meditation techniques, attune to your subtle senses and awaken to your full potential. As you live into your practice with more present moment awareness Reiki will support your self-mastery. 

    Learn mirroring exercises and explore the master symbol in unison with root Ayurveda and Tantra teachings. As your awareness grows so too does the healing power of Reiki. The master symbol hollows or empties you out making you more available for life. Bring a greater depth to your capacity to hold neutral space. Be the witness for your own transformation and that of your clients. 

    As you become more deeply seated within your Reiki practice align with and live more fully into your purpose.

    What are the pre-requisites?

    The primary pre-requisite is your willingness to commit to yourself and set aside time each day to devote to your new found Reiki practice. An initial phone call will help us feel out if the program is right for you. Let's talk! 

    Do I need experience with Yogic Philosophy?

    Not at all. Yogic philosophy creates a rich framework for learning Reiki and Meditation. The Touch Revolution brings yogic philosophy to life making it accessible and relevant to support your personal development and the application of your Reiki practice.

    What if I don’t know how to meditate?

    All the more reason to join The Touch Revolution! Meditation is not something that can be forced. The Touch Revolution helps you create the climate for a natural state of meditation to arise with ease. You find your own knack for meditation where a relaxed and alert awareness become more and more of your natural state. You will learn how to develop a responsive and adaptable meditation practice to support your ever changing needs to balance your daily energy and support a healing flow state.

    What are the required textbooks for this training?

    For Reiki 1

    • Textbooks:  
      • Reiki Fire by Frank Arjava Petter
      • The Original Reiki Handbook by Dr. Mikao Usui, Frank Arjava Petter
      • The Hayashi Manual by Frank Arjava Petter, Tadao Yamaguchi, Chujiro Hayashi
      • Chakras Energy Centers of Transformation by Harish Johari

    For Reiki 2

    • Textbooks:
      • Reiki The Legacy of Dr. Usui by Frank Arjava Petter
      • Tending The Heart Fire by Shiva Rea
      • The Seven Life Lessons of Chaos Theory by John Briggs and F David Peat

    For Reiki 3

    • Textbooks:
      • The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche
      • The Direct Path by Andrew Harvey
      • theWARofART by Steven Pressfield

    Questions About Reiki

    Why Reiki, Meditation & Yogic philosophy all in one? Can I just learn Reiki?

    I share the very instinctual synthesis of practices that has been the foundation of my own healing path. Many people learn Reiki as a technique that is practiced in a rather mechanical manner. I've come to know Reiki as a living and healing consciousness that is much more responsive than following a set protocol. 

    Integrating Reiki, meditation and yogic philosophy, I offer a full spectrum training program that both honors root traditions and teachings while also evolving with understandings in science and trauma informed care. Each of these practices informs the other. Yogic philosophy and meditation provide a grounded framework to support a deeper intuitive experience of Reiki. 

    Could I just learn Reiki all on its own?

    I’ve found that integrating Reiki into the framework of yogic philosophy and meditation makes the practice more relevant, meaningful and sustaining in my own life and that of my students. I’ve been teaching this integrated approach since 2009 to give you a broader base of self-care practices for you and your clients. Working with yogic philosophy also helps you train your subtle senses to feel into the subtle energetic anatomy with greater awareness to expand the application and depth of your healing practice.

    Is this a Reiki Master Teacher Training Program?  Is this a Yoga Teacher Training?

    No. This is neither a Reiki Master Teacher Training nor a Yoga Teacher Training program. Reiki 1 is an introductory foundation course open to all for self care. This prepares you to practice Reiki on yourself, friends and family. Reiki 2 is a Reiki Practitioner Certification preparing you to practice Reiki professionally. Reiki 3 is a Reiki Master Practitioner Certification program. 

    Do you offer a Reiki Master Teacher Training Program?

    Yes. If you would like to become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher I offer an apprentice program.  The prerequisite for this program is Reiki 1, 2 and 3 with me.  The training includes monitoring and assisting the entire program in addition to 1:1 mentoring. 

    This program seems longer than other Reiki training programs. Why is that?

    Most Reiki 1 Trainings are 1-2 days in length. I've kept that same duration in The Touch Revolution

    I've expanded the duration of Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 to emphasize the science behind touch so students walk away fully equipped to hold space, support and work with the effects of trauma on the brain, body and nervous system. I do not take healing lightly and if not prepared, healers can do more harm than good when it comes to trauma. 

    share meditation practices and yogic philosophy to support the transmission of the Reiki practice. This will also include mantra (sacred sound), mudra (symbolic hand gesture), pranayama (breath), and mudra vinyasa (movement meditation) practices that correspond to the elements and chakras to provide other healing practices to support your personal development and growth with Reiki. 

    Having instinctually linked the practice of Reiki with Yoga and Meditation has created new applications for the practice to bring it to life more deeply. This has touched my life at such a profound level that I could not imagine sharing Reiki in any other way. The transformative power of Reiki is quite deep.

    I’ve found that learning Reiki over an extended period of time creates space for integration and self-exploration. It gives you time to have your own experience of Reiki in your life and out in the world while having the container to bring it back into the learning environment.  This way you can refine and deepen the experience with your fellow students and mentors in the program.

    I’ve designed The Resilience Project in such a way that you can commit deeply to the process while having plenty of space to explore on your own and live your life along the way.

     What are the Reiki 2 & 3 Certification Requirements?

      • READING:  There are required reading assignments for each weekend that coincide with the course curriculum & practices. 
      • DAILY SELF PRACTICE:  You will carve out time each day to commit to your Reiki & Meditation practice.
      • JOURNALING/REFLECTION:  Each month you will have journaling exercises to help you reflect upon and assimilate the course content.   
      • WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS:  You will receive written assignments for each weekend module.
      • PRACTICE SESSIONS:  For Reiki 2 you will document 30 practice sessions. For Reiki 3 you will document 30 practice sessions (outside of the practice sessions within the training).
      • You will complete all reading and writing assignments, your practice sessions & receive all of your BodyTalk sessions within 6 weeks of the close of the training.

    Do I need to complete the requirements even if I do not plan on practicing Reiki professionally?

    Yes and No. Many students participate without having interest in Certification which is fine. This is also a Lifestyle Enhancement Program. 

    Everyone is still asked to follow along with the reading assignments and journaling exercises as they are part of the curriculum however you need not complete the written work or practice sessions outside of the training. 

    Food for thought: Many students, like myself, come to Reiki without any intention of sharing it with the world professionally. So even if you are on the path to certification it's wonderful to let go of that goal and simply receive the teachings to first fill your own cup.  Then when you start to feel into the depth of transformation that is possible with Reiki you may decide, in time, to share Reiki with others. This is an organic process of growth and looks different for each of us. Completing the assignments helps you engage the practice fully.  So consider embarking on a path towards certification even if that is not your end goal.  It will help you embody the practice all that much more.

    Is The Touch Revolution Right for me?

    I’m not sure if this is the right training for me...

    Over the last decade of teaching Reiki I’ve found that my students often come to Reiki feeling a bit anxious or confused – sometimes not even completely sure why they are being called to learn Reiki. Opening up to this universal life force energy can be a profound experience and sometimes we experience resistance to this process. This is quite natural.

    Coming to Reiki and The Resilience Project can be a powerful calling that we don’t always understand. I’ve heard time and time again on our first meeting in Reiki trainings – “I don’t know why I’m here but I know I’m supposed to be here”.

    Throughout the program the puzzle pieces start to fit together and you begin to see the bigger picture behind the calling of your own heart. All the while a deeper state of wonder and curiosity begins to open up. More times than not it is a calling of the heart that brings people to Reiki. A deeper sensitivity and receptivity to life emerges.

    As you consider The Resilience Project there’s likely some natural fear.  Before we take the next step to living our purpose this is to be expected. 

    Reiki breaks up dissonant energetic patterns so a deeper intelligence may emerge.  Some students feel this starting to happen in anticipation of the training program. Before our consciousness expands we may become more aware of our patterns of contraction.  Reiki helps us feel into and move through regressive patterns as we come into greater alignment with the natural flow of our life. This can be uncomfortable and challenging but ultimately it serves each of us for your highest good.

    I’m not sure I’m ready to learn Reiki?

    Reiki meets you just as you are. Reiki is not everyone’s path and at the same time Reiki is available to anyone with a sincere interest in expanding their awareness. This helps you bring a greater depth of healing into your life from a place of love.

    What if I don’t want to become a certified Reiki Master Practitioner? Is this still the training program for me?

    Yes! Many people learn Reiki without any interest in sharing Reiki professionally. Reiki is a pathway of healing and consciousness. It connects you to your source knowing and intelligence so you can live in greater balance and awareness. This program will help you become your own master.

    The Resilience Project is for you if you want to invite more love and awareness into your life, improve your ability to heal and feel more connected. Learning Reiki will allow you to bring more love to everything and everyone you touch.