Learn to Heal Yourself

Reiki 1 is a foundational training in self-care. If you’re hoping to connect more to the flow of your own life and dive into deeper self inquiry, this course is right for you. It helps you tap into your own intelligence and natural rhythm through the healing power of your own touch. Reiki is a great method to connect to your own capacity to heal and create more presence, ease, and balance in your everyday.

But what is it really?

The Touch Revolution is a trauma-informed, traditional Usui Reiki School rooted in meditation, yogic philosophy, and science. Touch is the only sense we can’t live without. It unites us, connects us, and brings us into contact with our own humanity. Reiki is a hands-on healing practice developed in Japan, and it enlivens the healing power of our own touch.

Every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit has intelligence. Each cell, organ, muscle, endocrine… Reiki helps you access this intelligence so you can heal yourself.


Harness your own Healing Power

This course teaches you how to literally take your healing into your own hands. Getting outside help is really beneficial, and we all need it. But learning how to care for ourselves is the key to long-term, sustainable health and wellbeing. 

Learn how to address the impacts of trauma and everyday stressors on your brain, body, and nervous system. By learning how our lives impact our physical and emotional health, we are better able to address these impacts sooner and more effectively.


Why The Touch Revolution?

Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself or your life? Practicing Reiki helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and chronic pain so you feel more like yourself and return to your natural balance. The most common benefits of practicing Reiki include a greater sense of belonging, safety, and feeling at ease within yourself and the flow of your life. Reiki shifts your body out of its perpetual fight/flight/freeze response, so you can return to your natural state of being. This is where healing happens on its own terms. Yours.

Trauma awareness

Reiki works exceptionally well to address emotional imbalance and the symptoms of unresolved trauma. This course lays a foundation for how to work with healing touch in relationship to trauma and is a prerequisite for the Reiki 2 Trauma Informed Reiki Practitioner Certification Course


Is The Touch Revolution for me?

Do you feel a longing to live with a greater depth of awareness to support healing? Would you like optimize your health and addressing the impacts of stress and trauma? Are you ready to become a healing resource for yourself? If so, learning Reiki in The Touch Revolution is for you!


The Curriculum

Learn the science behind touch, the energetic heart, heart-brain interactions, epigenetics and coherence integrated in root yogic philosophy teachings. 

Learn what Reiki is, its origins, precepts and pillars. Understand the difference between treating symptoms and whole system healing. Understand the impact of trauma on the body, brain and nervous system. Learn how to work with healing touch through a trauma informed lens. Develop a toolkit of resourcing practices to help you work with trauma should it become activated in the healing space.

Learn a comprehensive set of Reiki hand positions and develop intuition through scanning, visualization, grounding and clearing practices. Learn how to work with Reiki through the subtle body of elements, the map of the chakras and emotions. Learn mudras (symbolic hand gestures), mantra (sacred sound) & healing meditations. 


Register for Reiki 1

This self care foundation training is now offered through The New Entrepreneur Summit - the intersection of spirituality, purpose and entrepreneurship. 



September 14, 15 & 16
9am-6pm each day