The Touch Revolution

Reclaim the healing power of your touch in a Traditional Usui Reiki School rooted in meditation, yogic philosophy & science. Learn how to address the impacts of trauma on the brain, body & nervous system.

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Harness your innate healing power

Take your healing into your own hands. Be a resource unto yourself, your clients and your students. Deepen the breath and scope of your self-care and professional healthcare practice. Learn healing practices for life. 

Why The Touch Revolution?

Touch is the only sense we can not live without. It unites and connects us. It communicates our innate goodness. Reiki animates the healing power of our touch bringing us into contact with our own humanity. 

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A path of awareness & healing

Reiki is a hands on healing practice developed in Japan. Reiki means universal life force energy. Reiki returns us to a relaxed, alert awareness to support our innate healing process. 

Instead of treating or chasing symptoms, Reiki supports the entire system’s general tendency toward balance. Reiki shifts the system out of the perpetual fight/flight/freeze response so we can return to our natural state of being. This is where healing happens on its own terms. 

Every aspect of our being has intelligence - each cell, organ, muscle, endocrine and so forth. Reiki helps us access our innate healing intelligence.

Is The Touch Revolution for me?

The Touch Revolution is the beginning of a personal journey of growth and development. You learn foundational self care practices to support vital health and living. For healthcare professionals The Touch Revolution is a non-negotiable. The care you provide others is an off shoot of the care you provide yourself. Period.

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For doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, counselors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, mental health professionals, social workers and caregivers The Touch Revolution equips you with the education and tools you need to work with the trauma that invariably presents itself in the healing space.

Understanding how to work with the affects of trauma on the brain, body and nervous system can ensure that you do no harm and that you learn how to mitigate the affects of compassion fatigue. Secondary traumatic stress can impact your own mental, emotional and physical health, relationships and your effectiveness at work.

Trauma awareness

Reiki works exceptionally well to address emotional imbalance and the symptoms of unresolved trauma. The Touch Revolution teaches you how to work with and address the impacts of trauma in the healing space.

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Reiki 1 - Touching with awareness: Self-care foundations

Create a solid self-care foundation with Reiki & Meditation through experiential, hands on practice. Learn the science behind touch, the energetic heart, heart-brain interactions, epigenetics and coherence integrated in root yogic philosophy teachings. 

Learn what Reiki is, its origins, precepts and pillars. Understand the difference between treating symptoms and whole system healing. Understand the impact of trauma on the body, brain and nervous system. Learn how to work with healing touch through a trauma informed lens. Develop a toolkit of resourcing practices to help you work with trauma should it become activated in the healing space.

Learn a comprehensive set of Reiki hand positions and develop intuition through scanning, visualization, grounding and clearing practices. Learn how to work with Reiki through the subtle body of elements, the map of the chakras and emotions. Learn mudras (symbolic hand gestures), mantra (sacred sound) & healing meditations. 

Reiki 2 - Energetic anatomy: Advanced self-care & trauma informed practitioner certification

Expand your self-care toolkit. Integrate your Reiki practice with core yogic principles as a path of personal development. In doing so develop the skill and quality of awareness to practice Reiki professionally. Be prepared to shift your perspective and expand your consciousness when it comes to assumptions about health and disease. Explore the many subtle nuances of trauma and how to address and support the impacts of trauma in the healing space.

Learn Reiki symbols to empower and focus your practice, address emotional balance and offer Reiki over distance - beyond time and space. Explore your relationship to the consciousness of time and separation and how this impacts your health and state of being. 

Integrate both your Reiki practice and the use of Reiki symbols with an even larger tapestry of yogic philosophy and deeper understandings in Ayurveda and Tantra. Learn more here. Expand your repertoire of resourcing breath practices, visualizations and movement meditation practices to more deeply embody your Reiki practice and hold space for clients.

Learn how to assess your energetic balance. Become skillful at the art of energetic alchemy so you can respond to your ever changing needs to support your daily balance. Explore how Reiki is a form of self directed neuroplasticity and effectively work with beliefs, emotions and behaviors to rewire the brain in the healing space.

Finally explore ethical considerations, boundaries and professionalism when sharing Reiki with clients. Learn how to communicate Reiki in a way that helps clients access their own agency on their healing path. 

Reiki 3 - The art of attention: Reiki mastery life alignment & purpose intensive

Build upon the plethora of practices you've already embodied and experience Reiki as a pathway of self realization. Learn the master symbol to clean the lens. The master symbol helps you cut though distraction to know yourself more deeply. Working with the master symbol, and advanced meditation techniques, attune to your subtle senses and awaken to your full potential. As you live into your practice with more present moment awareness Reiki will support your self-mastery. Learn more here.  

Learn mirroring exercises and explore the master symbol in unison with root Ayurveda and Tantra teachings. As your awareness grows so too does the healing power of Reiki. The master symbol hollows or empties you out making you more available for life. Bring a greater depth to your capacity to hold neutral space. Be the witness for your own transformation and that of your clients. 

As you become more deeply seated within your Reiki practice align with and live more fully into your purpose.

Join the arc of transformation 

If you have questions give me a call at 406-471-7029 and let’s discuss what you’d like to get out of the program and find out if it's a match for you. If you prefer you can schedule a free 20 minute phone consult to chat HERE

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Registration details / San Francisco


Reiki 1
Touching with awareness:
Self-care foundations

August 5/6
September 30/October 1
October 14/15

16 Hours/1 weekend
1 BodyTalk session

$375 (first 3 students 5+ weeks in advance)
$425 regular investment

Reiki 2  
Energetic anatomy:
Advanced self care & trauma informed practitioner certification

June 17/18 & July 15/16
November 11/12 & December 2/3

32 Hours/2 weekends
2 BodyTalk sessions

$825 (first 3 students 5+ weeks in advance)
$925 regular investment

Reiki 3
Art of attention:
Reiki mastery life alignment & purpose intensive

Retreat Dates TBA

Registration details / Whitefish, MT

Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Combined Training

Touching with awareness: Self-care foundations
Energetic anatomy: 
Advanced self care & trauma informed practitioner certification

Sept 16/17 & Oct 7/8 & Nov 4/5

48 Hours/3 weekends
3 BodyTalk sessions

$1200 early bird by August 4th
$1350 regular investment


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