Reiki 3
The art of attention: Reiki mastery life alignment & purpose intensive
Course Description:

Build upon the plethora of practices you've already embodied and experience Reiki as a pathway of self realization. Learn the master symbol to clean the lens. The master symbol helps you cut though distraction to know yourself more deeply. Working with the master symbol, and advanced meditation techniques, attune to your subtle senses and awaken to your full potential. As you live into your practice with more present moment awareness Reiki will support your self-mastery. 

Learn mirroring exercises and explore the master symbol in unison with root Ayurveda and Tantra teachings. As your awareness grows so too does the healing power of Reiki. The master symbol hollows or empties you out making you more available for life. Bring a greater depth to your capacity to hold neutral space. Be the witness for your own transformation and that of your clients. 

As you become more deeply seated within your Reiki practice align with and live more fully into your purpose.