Reiki 2
Energetic Anatomy: Advanced self care & trauma informed Reiki practitioner certification
Course Description:

Expand your self-care toolkit. Integrate your Reiki practice with core yogic principles as a path of personal development. In doing so develop the skill and quality of awareness to practice Reiki professionally. Be prepared to shift your perspective and expand your consciousness when it comes to assumptions about health and disease. Explore the many subtle nuances of trauma and how to address and support the impacts of trauma in the healing space.

Learn Reiki symbols to empower and focus your practice, address emotional balance and offer Reiki over distance - beyond time and space. Explore your relationship to the consciousness of time and separation and how this impacts your health and state of being. 

Integrate both your Reiki practice and the use of Reiki symbols with an even larger tapestry of yogic philosophy and deeper understandings in Ayurveda and Tantra. Learn more here. Expand your repertoire of resourcing breath practices, visualizations and movement meditation practices to more deeply embody your Reiki practice and hold space for clients.

Learn how to assess your energetic balance. Become skillful at the art of energetic alchemy so you can respond to your ever changing needs to support your daily balance. Explore how Reiki is a form of self directed neuroplasticity and effectively work with beliefs, emotions and behaviors to rewire the brain in the healing space.

Finally explore ethical considerations, boundaries and professionalism when sharing Reiki with clients. Learn how to communicate Reiki in a way that helps clients access their own agency on their healing path. 

Upcoming training dates:

June 24/25 & July 15/16

32 Hours/2 weekends
2 BodyTalk sessions

$825 (first 3 students 5+ weeks in advance)
$925 regular investment