Reiki 1
Touching with awareness: Self-care foundations
Course Description:

Create a solid self-care foundation with Reiki & Meditation through experiential, hands on practice. Learn the science behind touch, the energetic heart, heart-brain interactions, epigenetics and coherence integrated in root yogic philosophy teachings. 

Learn what Reiki is, its origins, precepts and pillars. Understand the difference between treating symptoms and whole system healing. Understand the impact of trauma on the body, brain and nervous system. Learn how to work with healing touch through a trauma informed lens. Develop a toolkit of resourcing practices to help you work with trauma should it become activated in the healing space.

Learn a comprehensive set of Reiki hand positions and develop intuition through scanning, visualization, grounding and clearing practices. Learn how to work with Reiki through the subtle body of elements, the map of the chakras and emotions. Learn mudras (symbolic hand gestures), mantra (sacred sound) & healing meditations.

Upcoming training dates:
May 13/14
June 3/4

16 Hours/1 weekend
1 BodyTalk session

$375 (first 3 students 5+ weeks in advance)
$425 regular investment