Reiki frees up blood, nerve and lymph supply to help scars and adhesions heal. BodyTalk releases connective tissue and associated trauma and emotion that can be stored in scars. Often times scars and adhesions can be pulling on tissues and impacting organ function and overall health. Once scars are addressed and balanced in BodyTalk sessions herniated discs, migraines, chronic coughs, liver imbalance, incontinence, constipation, prolapsed bladder or uterus and thyroid imbalance can begin to heal on their own. 

Scar tissue helps the body mend an injury. When an injury doesn't heal correctly the scar tissue can decrease range of movement, compromise organ and endocrine function, inhibit nerve supply and circulation and reduce muscle strength. Adhesions in one area of the body can have an impact on other areas of the body, as the connective tissue is continuous. Scars also impact meridian function.

BodyTalk can resume energy flow to dense scar tissue. To learn more call 406-471-7029.