Reiki supports the relaxation response which helps to reset the nervous system. Where Reiki is applied there is a marked increase in white blood cell activity as it boosts the immune response. BodyTalk also addresses the immune response by helping alert it to specific infections that have gone undetected. BodyTalk can highlight specific viruses and bacterias that the body was unable to recognize. This allows the natural healing response to come back online. Electro-magnetic fields interfere with the micro-electrical impulses in our nervous system. BodyTalk helps to balance us to the constant bombardment of EMFs in the environment. Processed foods, food additives and artificial sweeteners and also create toxicity in the body inundating the immune systems ability to do its job. BodyTalk can help the body flush out accumulated toxins. BodyTalk and Reiki help to address the unique causative factors that are at play for each individual with these complicated conditions. 

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