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Are Certain Behaviors Getting in The Way Of What You Want?

Fortunately our behaviors are not hard-wired but soft-wired into the brain. Learn how BodyTalk supports the brain's remarkable capacity to generate and integrate new cells - or neurons, and remodel pre-existing neural circuits.  

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The Energetic Heart

We have long understood that the heart serves as a pump that circulates oxygenated and nutrient rich blood throughout the body. This life giving function alone is profound. However the heart also possesses intelligence that is consciousness. It plays a significant role in our mental, emotional and physical processes – thus having a direct effect on our health and our lives.

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Why We Need Touch

“To touch is to give life” Michelangelo

I developed The Resilience Project to highlight the necessity of touch in human health and development. The power of touch is an integral part of my healing pilgrimage and one our world can no longer afford to take lightly.

As humans, touch is an integral way in which we communicate compassion. We transmit the quality of our awareness through touch. It is how our innate goodness can be expressed, felt and understood. Everyday gestures like a pat on the back or a gentle caress can be far more profound than we realize.

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