Symptoms can help us heal

Many of my clients find me after years of chasing and suppressing symptoms. This often leaves them feeling exhausted and even more depleted than when they first fell ill. 

Instead of fighting symptoms what if we befriended them? Symptoms are an invitation for us to pay closer attention so we can address underlying illness and heal. 

Symptoms and illness are actually not the same thing. When we focus on treating symptoms we allow the illness, which has existed long before the symptoms, to go unchecked. 

Fortunately with BodyTalk we need not bother with symptoms or with illness. Instead we highlight and restore the underlying breakdowns in communication that were creating both. This takes the guessing game out of healthcare and does away with the need to diagnose or prescribe. We reboot central nervous system awareness and strengthen the immune response to create the climate for the body to heal on its own terms.

Our symptoms are not the enemy and BodyTalk helps make them our ally. The body is designed to heal after all and BodyTalk helps it remember. 

Would you like to listen to what your symptoms are trying to tell you? Ready to feel better? Schedule a free phone consult or book online.  

Greg WietingComment