Heal the Split Mind

Left brain logic is linear, direct and intellectual. It brings us into contact with an inspired, cerebral awareness. Right brain logic is lateral, felt and instinctual. It brings us into recognition of our grounded, physical awareness. 

When left and right brain function are fused together we can optimize and enhance cognitive function and clear the lens of our perception. This balanced interface helps us stay focused on the details of the present moment while remaining aware of the long view, bigger picture. 

Most of us tend to identify, feel more comfortable and live in one expression of our brain function over the other. This fragments our being. We begin to feel disconnected from ourselves. Instead of living in an integrated expression of wholeness there is a divide that wears on us. Breathing constricts, stress lands in the body and we can even feel at war within ourselves. Anxiety, depression & pain in the body surface as symptoms of feeling separate from the whole. 

This clouded misperception keeps us feeling stuck and prevents us from harnessing the total power of our consciousness.

What if we decided not to decide? What happens when we give up the fight and no longer choose between different parts of ourselves? For me I love practicing choiceless awareness ...

Choiceless awareness shows up in philosophy, psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, therapy, sociology and art. It helps us to let go of the clinging, the greediness and the grasping that keeps us stuck and fixated on one thing or another. When we over grip we suffer. The less we cling the more present we become to the totality of ourselves and our experience.

With practice we can live in a greater embodied recognition of our innate wholeness. Present moment awareness trains our brain to experience right and left brain function as mutually inclusive, not exclusive. It's a matter of awareness.

What if our right brain intuition is actually more reliable when it is woven and grounded in left brain logic? Healing the split mind affords us the benefit of living into an and & both perspective. This way the mind need not choose one thing over another but can broaden its awareness to a full 360 degree perspective. 

Living in such full presence heals the divide to create an interior awareness that is spacious enough to contain and hold the entire paradox. Here lies the field of possibility where we can live in resilience and strength and engage our potential.

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