The three ring circus of thoughts in our mind can stir up a flurry of emotion that disrupts the nervous system, creates inflammation and shows up as a multitude of symptoms in the body. 

Some experience the racing thoughts of anxiety as insomnia, night sweats and even heart palpitations. Without proper rest it can become difficult to process and assimilate life experiences leaving us feeling run down. Fatigue can easily set in. 

When we're unable to stomach life we may feel a lump in our stomach or a bloated tension in the abdomen. We may just feel stuck and heavy like its hard to get moving in life. Knotted up inside we may be unable to let go of a backlog of emotion. Before we know it constipation sets in. 

On the flip side we may experience the unrest and agitation of emotion as butterflies in the stomach, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and lightheadedness. It may seem impossible for us to find our ground or to feel steady and stable in life. We may feel like we are all over the place without any focus or clarity. Confusion begets more anxiety and worry. 

Unchecked anxiety can turn into a frozen state of fear that keeps us lurched over in a protective stance. This makes us feel bogged down, sluggish and hardened by life. Not feeling like we can hold ourselves up may then lead to chronic neck and back pain. 

Feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders can lead to feelings of overwhelm and burden. It makes it hard to respond to life and manage day to day responsibility. As the pressure builds headaches, migraines and vertigo can catch us off guard. It's not long before exhaustion and mental fog set in.

Feeling more and more constricted by life can take its toll on our breathing. Shallow breathing can keep us in a low energy state. It becomes difficult for us to breath in the joys of life and feel uplifted. Then it makes it even more difficult to process and let go of our sorrows. We may even lose our taste for life leaving us feeling depressed, numb and cold. Being shut down to life can make it difficult for us to regulate body temperature. Metabolism, motivation and vitality can all suffer. 

Long standing anxiety will take its toll on our immune system as well, making us more vulnerable to infection. We may even wear the resulting inflammation on our face. Bacterias and infections may cause acne and skin issues. 

Fortunately there's hope!

Many of my clients come to BodyTalk after they've spent years chasing each of these symptoms as if they are each separate from one another. What we find with BodyTalk is that if we address the underlying factors beneath the anxiety the laundry list of health issues starts to clear up with ease. 

BodyTalk helps to reboot the nervous system so the body mind and spirit can regain healing agency. This way not only do we address your anxiety but all of the associated health issues that have surfaced in relationship to it.

Join a free workshop Tuesday, July 10 7-9pm. I'll be sharing top strategies for dismantling anxiety, high stress and overwhelm. Don't let anxiety hijack your health or get in the way of your best life. Details & registration. 

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