Post Traumatic Growth

What shakes our world to the core - adverse childhood experiences, unimaginable loss, divorce, an unexpected diagnosis or natural disaster - can take us to new levels of consciousness that weren’t available had we not experienced the traumatic life event.

Psychologists Richard G. Tedeschi and Lawrence G. Calhoun originally researched post-traumatic growth (PTG) in the mid 1990’s at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 90 percent of individuals who experience a traumatic event exhibit as least one factor identified as PTG.

  • A desire to be open to new opportunities that were not present before

  • An increased sense of connection to others - compassion & empathy

  • Greater self-reliance - if you lived through that, you can make it through anything

  • Increased gratitude for life. More appreciation. Taking less things for granted

  • Spiritual connection & purpose. Changing & realigning beliefs

When we are aware of the growth potential behind tragedy we can live in a more fully realized expression of ourselves. The key is to know to look for it. Here’s how:

  • Shift “why me” to “how do I work with this?” This helps you access a reservoir of inner and outer resources that stems from your innate wholeness rather than the fragmentation that results from trauma.

  • See contraction as a springboard to expansion. Feel into the contraction - the pain, the unfulfilled wish, the loss of what was or never was, and the fear. As you stretch into these contracted states it creates a healthy tension to spring you into a new state of being, presence and creativity.

  • Take note of friends, peers and role models that have turned adversity into triumph. How did they use crisis to create opportunity? What actions did they take? How did they change themselves or show up differently?

  • Evaluate and get clear on your values. What matters most? Align your decisions and your actions to what’s most important to you. Free up your energy for your top priorities.

Post-traumatic growth supports a possibility consciousness. It helps us awaken to a deeper truth within ourselves that serves as a guiding force to how we show up not only for ourselves but for one another. What adverse life experiences have drawn you closer to your humanity. And how can they serve as a beacon to support you in fully stepping into the arena of your life and playing full out?

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