Moving Away From Or Moving Towards

Motivation Vs. Inspiration

Our values determine what’s important to us. They drive our beliefs, our behaviors and our decision making. And they play a large role in our ability to heal ... 

When we live in congruence with what matters most we can not only move away from what ails us but move towards the fulfillment of our lives. 

When we’re in the thick of our pain and illness all we can think about is getting out of it. This motivation is great to get us out of a hard place so our lives can become manageable again. Yet avoiding pain becomes front of mind and can easily become our new norm. This creates a fear based cycle that holds us back from new possibilities within our health and our lives. 

What I’ve observed is that when we get stuck in this “good enough” place there are either values in conflict or there is confusion and lack of clarity around values. This leaves very little bandwidth to envision something beyond a manageable life. We can begin to compromise and settle for a less than life. 

Our values stem from significant emotional events in our lives. The journey from managing pain to healing is one where we bring consciousness to our values and shift our relationship to these original imprints. Our values connect us to feeling states. The healing path helps us shift states of fear and restriction to more empowered and expansive states of connection and trust. 

When we are clear on what’s important to us we live in and can harness a healing state. Our perspective can shift towards that which inspires and nourishes life. 

As the distractions of the old pain body lose their grip getting by is no longer an option. We tap into an upsurge of life force energy that carries us. We align to a streaming intelligence that liberates and informs the flow of our creative energy. We can see beyond our narrow view and stake claim to something greater within ourselves and our lives.

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Greg WietingComment