BodyTalk on Autoimmune Disease

Your body’s immune system is designed to protect you from disease and infection. With autoimmune disease your immune system literally attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. 

With over 80 types of autoimmune disease, some having similar symptoms, its difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. Even with a spot on diagnosis autoimmune disease can still elude many treatments.

Fatigue, pain in the muscle fiber, low fever, sleep disorders, foggy thinking, mood swings and anxiety are some of the first signs of autoimmune disease. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find inflammation as one of the classic signs of autoimmune disease which shows up as redness, heat, pain and swelling. Symptoms come and go as flare-ups and remissions are not uncommon. 

Instead of chasing symptoms BodyTalk efficiently unearths and addresses the unique causative factors resting beneath the surface of inflammation and autoimmune disease, all without the need for a diagnosis!

BodyTalk is particularly well equipped to address the underlying emotional and psychological components that can inhibit the lymphatic systems ability to flush out cell debris and toxins. Jammed up flow of the lymph, blood and nerve supply can lead to stagnation in the tissues and compromise immune function. 

BodyTalk can also help the body harmonize to electromagnetic fields in the environment, processed foods, food additives and artificial sweeteners that create toxicity in the body and inundate the immune systems ability to do its job. 

Infectious allergens and hereditary influences also play a part in the story of our health and BodyTalk can address these factors as they relate to autoimmune disease. 

Instead of treating symptoms in isolation BodyTalk offers healing at a systemic level. This reboots central nervous system awareness so we can address the multi-layered, causative factors beneath your autoimmune disease.

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Greg WietingComment