Got Allergies?

What's really going on when it comes to allergies and intolerances? Is it possible to put an end to allergies without taking meds to cover up symptoms? 

Some of us coast through life for years without ever having an allergic reaction and then, out of the blue, get hit hard. Other times lifelong allergies just disappear. Why does the immune system, seemingly out of no where, start to react abnormally or return to balance? 

Allergies are the body’s immediate reaction to one or more substances. Symptoms include hives, rashes, diarrhea, sneezing, itching, or nausea. Intolerances often have a slower and more insidious reaction than allergies. Arthritic joints, autoimmune disorders, headaches, skin disorders and chronic fatigue can all result from intolerances. 

Beneath allergies lies an often complex mixture of chemical imbalance, stored emotion, holding and adhesions in the tissues, belief systems, environmental disturbances, and genetic imbalances. While medications can do wonders in alleviating symptoms they do very little in clearing up these unique causative factors creating the imbalance in the first place.

Fortunately BodyTalk offers a solution! Using neuromuscular biofeedback, BodyTalk helps to highlight these specific imbalances in relationship to the allergic substances. Clients are then safely exposed to the frequency of the allergen contained in a glass vial. During the session the body learns how to harmonize the substance to the associated factors.

This reboots the immune response and the body learns to desensitize without elimination diets or reactions. Instead of fighting against the allergens BodyTalk teaches the body how to harmonize to them. This way you can live with reactive substances, integrating them into your lifestyle, instead of avoiding them. 

In the 1960s scientists began to measure subtle electromagnetic changes in the body to analyze the pathological information contained in saliva. That information was used to diagnose and prescribe treatment. The specimen of saliva was placed near the navel, an area rich in nerve endings, to yield the maximum read of information from the saliva.

BodyTalk also uses saliva placed near the navel. Instead of an electrical device, the neuromuscular biofeedback is used to determine and address the imbalances associated with the allergen. This is done without diagnosis or prescription. 

The glass vial contains the information of the allergic substance in the form of its frequency. When the body is exposed to this frequency we can pinpoint the underlying imbalances in the system associated with the allergen - emotion, belief, hereditary influence, adhesion, chemical imbalance and so on. 

BodyTalk harmonizes these imbalances by restoring internal communication so the body can heal. This enables the body to re-pattern on its own terms. The underlying factors to our allergies are unique. BodyTalk offers personalized and comprehensive care to ensure safe, effective and sustainable results.

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