We Decide What It Contains

Whether it's our political climate, a conflict at work, a family crisis or a health diagnosis each moment provides us with choice. We may not have control over the cards we've been dealt but we do have free range over how we play our hand.

Life can either harden or renew us. It can strike us down in defeat or inspire us to rise. Our choices can bring definition and meaning to our life experience.

The problem is sometimes our life experience defines and influences our choice. We organize and pattern our lives around past experience. The habituation of limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world outside of us keep us on a cyclical path of creating the same-same. The wheel keeps turning ... 

What if we could suspend all we thought we knew to stretch ourselves to imagine a new possibility? What new choices might emerge? What might we stake claim to? How might we live in greater service to the whole?

According to the great tantric text, Spanda Karikas, "The universal creative source—Shakti—is deeply present during times of great intensity—in moments of great fear, explosive anger, great joy, or impasse."

Radical change, however unsettling, is a call to awaken. Chaos can give rise to new order.

As we dig deep we can decide how we want to show up in the face of adversity. How we orient to change can help us tap into our most creative and innovative selves so we can transmute our doubt and cynicism into a pathfinding and courageous journey.

What is possible in this world depends on us ... 

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Greg WietingComment