Touch Revolution

“To touch is to give life” Michelangelo

Touch is the only sense we can not live without. It’s literally our lifeblood. The immune response lives in the skin and neurons in the skin process information about touch offering feedback to our nervous system.

Oxytocin, "the love hormone" is released through touch and white blood cell activity increases with touch. This entrains heart brain rhythms into a state of coherence. As the cardiovascular system relaxes this helps return the body, mind and emotions into balance. This fortifies the immune response and boosts our ability to heal.

We are literally wired to heal through touch and our relationships to one another. Touch unites and connects us. It's an integral way in which we communicate compassion. It’s through touch that our innate goodness can be felt and understood by others.

When we are in pain touch is our instinctual response. We touch to self soothe and to heal one another. When a child hurts themselves we kiss their wound to nurture and console. Touch seems to make it all better.

This primary form of human bonding and communication sustains not only our health but our culture. Touch returns us to a place of safety and belonging which transforms feelings of isolation and fear. Touch enables us to thrive. The more we receive touch the more we grow in empathy.

Touch is a universal language that allows us to communicate that which can not be spoken. As we let down our guard we’re inspired to show up in service to one another in new and life affirming ways. Touch is our birthright. Reclaiming the healing power of our touch allows us to connect and share in our humanity. 

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