Trauma Heals

In the last 15 years of practice I've learned many of our acute and chronic health issues are symptomatic of unresolved trauma. Whether its your autoimmune disease, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia or depression more times than not there's an underlying emotional, environmental or inherited component that's leading to ongoing inflammation and a breakdown in your body's ability to heal. 

Trauma heals when you befriend the part of yourself that lives in fear and isolation. Suppressing symptoms doesn't do the trick. Nor do quick fixes. The Resilience Project helps you understand symptoms as your body's cry for help and invites you to pay closer attention to that part of yourself longing to be expressed. 

Trauma, stored in the body, holds deep wisdom. Learning Reiki & Meditation helps you access this intelligence and make closer contact with your own humanity. As you reclaim the healing power of your touch, and feel connected in loving embrace, you begin to unthaw and metabolize that which was stuck and hiding inside.

The more you love, see and feel yourself the more you open to an upsurge of your life force energy. An emerging field of possibility arises. Vulnerability and courage give way to healing. Life flows. 

The Resilience Project is a touch revolution. As you synch with the natural impulse of your energy you derive meaning and live into your life purpose. Your uniqueness is your greatest contribution to this world.