Let Go Of The Death Grip

Reiki dissolves whatever stands between us and the natural expression and movement of our life. 

Learning and experiencing Reiki can help us get out of our own way and open to the inherent creative impulse within us. As one of my teachers Esther Veltheim pointed out: “the destructive nature (of Reiki) is its benefit.”

Reiki has helped me destruct my own destructive nature!

With Reiki practice I've come to recognize and move beyond limiting beliefs and regressive behaviors. It's helped me release stored trauma and pain in my body and unravel a severe curve in my spine. I not only stand taller and move more freely without pain but I have a greater emotional bandwidth so I can show up to new possibilities in my life. 

One of the great joys in teaching Reiki is witnessing how the practice changes the lives of others.

 “(Learning Reiki) helped me open to more ease and freedom in my day-to-day. I began to notice how tightly and aggressively I'd been holding on to my life. Learning Reiki helped me loosen my death grip on my expectations for myself. As an independent artist and business owner, this year has been incredible for me creatively, and I owe a significant part of that to the awareness and healing I received (learning and practicing Reiki).”
~ Singer Songwriter Nicole Bonsol 

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Greg WietingComment