What If The Problem Is The Solution?

“Resistance will unfailingly point to true North - meaning that calling or action it most wants to stop us from doing. We can use it as a compass. We can navigate by resistance, letting it guide us to that calling or action that we must follow before all others.”
- Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art

When it comes to living a life of purpose, resistance can attempt to swallow us whole- to consume us in a spiral of fear. As such, it can be our greatest gift and teacher. It helps us feel into what stands between us engaging our potential. 

As we lean into and ride our evolutionary edge we will inevitably experience push back.  How we navigate the unknown is where the opportunity to cultivate resilience resides. The more we show up in the face of adversity we actually rewrite our chemistry, harmonize our hormones and emotions to have a positive ripple effect on our health and our ability to show up to life again and again.

We’ve been taught that stress is a bad thing. This isn't always so. Stress gives us an opportunity to connect with our instincts, to improve learning, memory and immune function. It even boosts the production of neurons to improve our performance. Stress and what seems like roadblocks on our path are the initiatory pathways that draw us closer to our truth and can help us further develop our resilience.

Living our purpose is often connected to being of service to others. Knowing we can make a positive impact in the lives of others helps us step outside of our own drama so we feel connected and supported. This gives us eyes to see order in chaos and derive meaning out of even the greatest challenges.

It’s all fuel for our heart fire. We tend to it adoringly, yet without attachment. We follow the bread crumbs on the path to the fulfillment of our lives, never completely certain of what that full expression is or where it will take us. Yet each step anchors us in trust even in the face of doubt. Uncertainty becomes the fertile soil for life to express itself in new and affirming ways.  

Greg WietingComment