Express Yourself! Beyond Pain With BodyTalk.

As a young child, I suffered from chronic ear infections. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count all the times I begged for and was given antibiotics because it seemed like the only option.

The trouble is, my immune system never had a fighting chance to ward off the infection on its own. Time and time again, I’d come down with another ear infection and go through yet another round of antibiotics. 

It was a seemingly unbreakable cycle and the cause of my ear infections was never addressed.  

In an effort to alleviate my pain, I became prisoner to it. I never really got better and although I didn't realize it, my immune system got weaker and more dependent.  

As a young adult, I suffered from chronic pain, anxiety and depression. I reached a point where antidepressants and pain meds seemed like the only option. This would have resulted in the same cycle - covering up symptoms without addressing the etymology or underlying factors.

Why was I prone to ear infections? Why was I living in chronic pain? These questions largely remained unanswered.  

Fortuitously, I was introduced to BodyTalk which is now my go-to choice in health care. After just two sessions, a severe curve in my spine began to unravel and chronic pain began to subside.

Rather than treating the symptoms, BodyTalk helped address all of the associated factors that rested beneath the surface. This allowed my body to express a newfound balance and I began to heal. I harnessed my body's natural ability and desire to be well, to feel healthy.

In addition to providing solutions to my pain, BodyTalk helped me understand the root causes and dimensionality of my pain so I could better care for myself. 

In our courntry, chronic pain is pervasive:

“Chronic pain has now surpassed cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes combined to emerge as the leading public health challenge, affecting approximately 100M adults in the United States” - Journal of Pain Management 2015;7(4):279-290

The Journal of Pain Management 2015;7(4):279-290 documents that BodyTalk treatments yield significant improvements in pain level and associated symptoms including anxiety, depression and fatigue.


It helps to think of your pain as just the tip of an iceberg. BodyTalk helps to unravel what rests beneath the surface. This way, not only do symptoms dissipate but a whole new baseline of health and possibility may emerge.  

What I love most about BodyTalk is it’s life-affirming approach to health and life. Instead of trying to fight disease, we express a new level of organizational intelligence through self-awareness and healing simply happens.  

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