3 Simple Ways to Buy More Time

It is possible to reconnect ourselves with the living pulse of time
- Seven Life Lessons of Chaos, John Briggs & F. David Peat

In Sanskrit, Sandhya means twilight - the junction between light and dark.  This transition in time can be experienced as a sacred juncture.  

Other sacred junctures include the pause between the in-breath and out-breath and the balance point of the recent equinox - intersections that offer us entry into the rhythm of nature.  

When we melt into the gaze of a newborn or dissolve in the beauty of a sunset we enter sacred time.  Thinking ceases.  In this gap between thoughts, time stretches or becomes indiscernible.  Its when we are most alive and present to the transformative power of our life force.  

This is natural time.  We all live in it and are of it. 

Yet we can often lose our sense of being suspended in a moment-to-moment awareness. We catch ourselves several steps ahead or clinging to what is no longer.  We miss whats right before us. 

What if we could experience the multidimensional nature of time instead of defaulting to a narrow and linear one that our culture embraces?  Might our lives feel less mechanical and rigid and more rich?  I propose that living outside of time helps us to experience having more of it.  

When we lose ourselves in an experience - the storyline of a movie, the adrenaline rush of a good workout or even a tragedy or trauma time can speed up or slow down.  Time is relative and how we relate to it is up to us.  

We can unhook the hold time has on our lives. Heres 3 simple ways to shift your perspective and live in sacred time:

  1. Release the Jaw

    Gently part the lips and surrender the holding of the jaw.  This releases mental tension that takes you outside of the present moment.  Whenever there is choice, again and again, release the jaw.  
  2. Soften The Eyes

    Allow the eyes to release back into the sockets.  No effort is needed.  Just your awareness will do.  Allow a watery gaze to emerge.  The gripping of the mind will soften as will stress and tension.

  3. Feel into your body

    Move into the feeling state of your body.  Feel the energy of your breath and notice any body sensations that arise.  This relaxed and alert awareness will help you be more available to life.

It’s not so much the amount of time we have but how we show up in the time we have.  We can stretch moments into lifetimes and squeeze an entire lifetime out of a moment.  

Give these practices a try and reside within the power of presence.  In this way, every moment has the potential to be a sacred juncture to illuminate the still point where the intelligence of consciousness can inform the flow of your life.

Greg Wieting4 Comments