Whole System Healing

“Just as science is seen not as a separate category of life, but rather the material alphabet that explains all external phenomena, so consciousness is the science of inner life.” – Marianne Williamson

ReikiMeditationBodyTalk and Prana Vinyasa Yoga bring us into contact with consciousness – the inner space where polarities meet and life emerges as one embodied, whole expression. I share these practices to envibe a pathway of inner intelligence that may become a guiding force in the fulfillment of our greatest destiny – living in service to humanity.

The purpose of this blog is to explore the world of consciousness and interconnection. Why is consciousness relevant when it comes to how we care for our health and tend to the fulfillment of our lives?

The task is to put the Cartesian Model aside to feel into and experience the world of wholeness. The Cartesian understanding, that everything is matter, is a limited perspective. It compartmentalizes, dissects and separates. Yet it’s a view that has become grafted onto the human body and psyche over generations. This limited perspective, which is quite out-dated, is very much the fabric of the operating system of our current medical model.

Although it has its place and relevance – especially for emergency medicine – it also has its limitations. Through the conditioning of logic, reason and predictability, we’ve reduced the functioning of the body to that of a clock – a machine made of parts that can be understood and fixed when broken down as separate.

As a living consciousness, we function much differently than that of a machine. We function through whole body communication. We each have a deep intelligence where every cell, system and part holds an awareness to that of each and every other cell, system and part.

Science describes what happens in our bodies, but not necessarily how. My experience is the renewing intelligence of consciousness is the deep wisdom within us that knows such things as how two cells form into many, how they form a central nervous system, spine and so on.

Consciousness is the thread of life. Although it cannot be measured, it cannot be dismissed. Our attempt to control our own bodies and nature itself impedes our ability live in the full expression of our life force.

I propose that by attuning to the natural rhythms within us and our environment our essential nature may express itself. My conviction stems from my own journey healing from chronic pain, depression and scoliosis. Check out My Story of Resilience here.


The teachings of non-dualism invite a non-discriminatory wisdom where we can feel into the underlying relationships within all of life. There is no distinction between our inner and outer world.

Instead of a black or white perspective we can create more spaciousness for lateral thinking. From this edge of gray we may acknowledge a “both/and” paradigm where we need not chose, label or categorize.

We become present to the ever changing ebb and flow of life. Instead of resisting change we feel into it and flow with it as our nature. We live in our nature, not outside of it.


Paradox gives us a more holistic perspective in cognition – a place to easily drop into and dwell in our primordial mode of being. Without reducing, manipulating or controlling we can be with what is. When we apply this to healthcare it can be quite revolutionary.

To honor the innate wisdom of the body rather than impose upon it creates an opening for our life force to circulate freely. This animates our vital functions so we can live in optimal flow.

When focused on one end of any spectrum, we polarize. This becomes the breeding ground for feelings of fear and isolation. Fear is contraction. It creates holding and stagnation. This gives birth to disease.

Health and wholeness are expression and circulation of our life force. We don’t cling to life – rather we flow with and participate in it.

As we drop identification with the outer form we open to the inherent power and potential within life – this subtle yet profound energy is consciousness. It is non-local and forever present in all things. A paradox.

Anchored in the presence of paradox, we experience the parts and the whole as being inseparable. Our knowledge of the part is then rooted in a understanding of the whole. In this way our knowledge is less and less something borrowed as it draws from direct experience. Synched to the source our inherent wisdom arises.


The biology of wholeness understands the body as an integrated, coordinated system. This means the sum of thousands of physiological processes and traits work together and simultaneously. We are woven together with great intricacy and each of us is unique. Wholeness is informed by a vital connection to all that is and results in a spontaneous and intelligent life flow.

Quantum Physics

As far back as 1900, Max Planck presented a scientific framework congruent with teachings in Non-Dualism and Paradox. He birthed Quantum Physics revealing the atom, its parts and all things made of atoms, including living things were better viewed as relationships rather than as isolated parts.

Electrons are energetic essences with sizes and boundaries that can only be approximated. We may infer life is not as predictable, linear or logical as we previously thought or continue to assume.

Planck’s discoveries leave us with a language and an entire way of thinking that is quite inadequate to express the complexity and the novelty of the world we are actually a part of.

Opposites are mutually inclusive and part of one expression of life.

Despite Planck’s findings from over 100 years ago we still live through the lens of materialism. This framework perpetuates the outdated Cartesian model which reduces everything to isolated parts that are unrelated – where we view mind and body, thought and matter as separate.

The implication on our health care model, from this perspective, leads to conventional medicine that seeks causes and then pursues interventions to produce predictable cures or effects. Again this cause and effect approach does have its place and yet it is quite elusive.

The presence of multiple correlations means that no properties within a system are uncorrelated. All properties are interlinked through crisscrossed pathways. Life and health are not so linear or simple. When we reduce the nature of who we are to the gross physical form alone we limit the vast expression of consciousness. We sever our innate potential where we can catalyze our healing ability.


Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist best known for research showing that genes and DNA can be manipulated by beliefs, emotions and environmental influences. The new science of Epigenetics demonstrates the link between mind and matter and the profound effects it has on our personal lives not to mention the collective life of our species.

The environment has an incredible impact on our health and our genes. We can look at illness as a reflection of disturbances in the energy systems of life. How we respond to stress and these disturbances makes all the difference in our health and the quality of our lives.

Practices that help us develop Resilience such as Reiki, Meditation, BodyTalk and Prana Flow® Yoga allow us to respond to stress and environmental effects in a way that supports our growth, improves our health and expands our consciousness.

These practices allow us to tune in and connect to the subatomic network of energy potentials within us and life. These potentials serve as the glue of the universe.

Zero Point Field is described as “a cobweb of energy exchange” by Lynne McTaggart. This sea of energy is where mind and matter meet – where everything is connected.

It is paradoxically empty space that contains structure. Energy is both information and intelligence. It is the nothingness through which everything emerges — where positive and negative charges are balanced as neutral. This is where the information of life is available and unified.

The more we reside in this unifying intelligence we can express harmonious outcomes even in the face of adversity. This is the essence of Resilience!

The Absolute is a concept of an unconditional reality that transcends limited, everyday existence. It possesses intelligence and awareness and is conceived of as the source through which all beings emanate. This can be considered God, consciousness or the Divine. The words we use are unimportant – rather it’s the experience of this radiating intelligence that is relevant.

This energy of neutrality – whether we call it God, divine consciousness, zero point field, or the absolute is very much where the essence of life and healing can be found. We come into contact with the original blueprint of life where the absolute potential for everything resides.

This link between the inner and outer worlds provides a threshold of understanding where darkness supports light. The emptiness of the void gives rise to all that is. It is the gateway to wholeness through the mysterious portal of our own hearts.

Learn more about The Energetic Heart here.

I’ve spent the last 15 years exploring practices that help us attune to the underlying intelligence of life. This energy is what enlivens and animates us. It is what informs and causes formation. This energy is likened to love. It serves as a neutral and unifying force to bring all extremes into a place of balance.

The Heart then serves as a point of Paradox. It is the meeting point where breath and blood, formlessness and form, spirit and matter merge. It both passively receives the incoming blood and actively pumps it out to the lungs and the extremities of the body. It radiates a large electromagnetic field while also receiving subtle energetic impressions from the environment.

All paradox is resolved in the heart space. From the heart comes wholeness. From wholeness comes healing.

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