Feeling stuck? What's your groove got to do with it?

Samskaras (Sanskrit – संस्कार) – are impressions that leave imprints or grooves on the subconscious mind from past experience. They are dynamic forces that color our experience of ourselves and affect our state of mind and our response to life itself.

Our conditionings, in the form of thoughts, emotions and behaviors become stronger through repetition. It’s easy for us to fall into the same groove time and time again and feel stuck. Such habits are part of the human condition and I propose can also lay the foundation for opening us to our greatest destiny.

Exploring the nature of our samskaras can bring us closer to our own navigational intelligence.

In Yoga we set sacred dedications, use the heat and discipline of practice, slow down to cultivate awareness and invoke fearlessness all with the intent of envisioning new patterns and possibilities. This can be a beautiful pilgrimage especially if we are not attached to outcome.

With admirable determinism Yogi’s set out on a path of awareness. The trick is to not be goal oriented which can be yet another trap taking us further away from ourselves. Instead of dropping into a place of being we can find ourselves focused on a path of becoming. This can set up a new samskara further embedding us in limitation and suffering. It can take us further away from responding to what is in an attempt to get somewhere outside of our present moment experience.

In the practice of Reiki, we open to a field of vibrational intelligence to access the impulse of our own creative life force. This can create space around our samskaras where new insight may arise without us digging for it. In this way, we are not trying to overcome, fix or change our samskaras so much as to make contact with and gently recognize what is. This helps us to hold ourselves compassionately bringing understanding to our patterns.This awareness helps us relate to our samskaras differently. We see the groove that at one time we didn’t even realize we were stuck in. This shift opens us to a spontaneous organizational intelligence where a new re-patterning can assert itself from the inside out. We need not will the process yet we certainly tend to it with our presence. The process creates more space for more choice informed from a place of being.

This is the art of non-doing where we live inside an unfolding process rather than a goal oriented one. It honors the evolutionary stages that are unique for each of us to engage and show up to life more fully. Of course there is outer action and movement yet it arrises from our innate wisdom.

If we become fixated on outcome it can circumvent the natural rising of our consciousness and the inherent teaching within samskaras. The gift of tuning into the more subtle energetic nature of our practice is it brings us into contact with our very own innovative expression. We can begin to see the perceived problem as the solution by dwelling within it.

Our samskaras then can be experienced as initiatory pathways of awakening. What habitual groove or samskara is inviting you to explore your own edge of possibility? Can you embrace yourself generously with wonder to create space to explore the new groove awaiting you?