Don't Tell. Ask! Why Consciousness Matters

Ahimsa is a sanskrit term meaning do no harm. Aparigraha means non-possessiveness or non-greediness. To apply these yogic principles to the realm of health care invites us to feel into the fluid nature of who we are. We are not static objects nor are we solid. Rather we are a flow through of energy and this energy itself is highly intelligent.

The Reiki practice Reiji-Ho aligns us to the organizational intelligence of consciousness. Through an effortless awareness we may embody the energetic nature of who we are to support our vital functions – our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

BodyTalk – a comprehensive whole healthcare system uses neuromuscular biofeedback to ask this innate wisdom what the priority for healing is.

Both are practices of receptivity where we tune into the underlying intelligence and unfolding process of who we are. This subtle awareness allows healing to arise on its own accord. We need not do anything to affect change.

Clients come to me to address serious health issues through Reiki and BodyTalk. My best approach for offering therapeutic benefit is to actually not try to fix or heal them at all. The paradox is that in my not attempting to affect change, I actually have a tremendous capacity to allow it to arise according to the unique make up of the individual.

The body is designed to heal after all. This happens spontaneously when we understand the energetic nature of who we are and hold space to support its natural flow.

Instead of offering short lived, symptomatic relief we can yield sustainable, long lasting change in health. Making contact with consciousness helps us reset the organizational intelligence within us. This has ripple effects on the whole system and healing can happen without us willing it.

Top down approach to health

Trying to affect change keeps us busy chasing symptoms and stuck in an elusive, limited and outdated cause and effect paradigm. Although it has its place in acute and emergency situations, a one size fits all cookie cutter approach diverts our attention from the renewing intelligence within us. It assumes we know whats best for the system without paying attention to the unique factors that are at play beneath the surface.

This keeps us busy grasping for what we think our health “should” be. This clinging to an idea of ideal health severs the free circulation of our life energy. It prevents us from receiving the nourishment within.

By letting go of an attachment to outcome around our health, we can actually create space for optimal health. This is part of the practice of Reiji-Ho and inherent within The BodyTalk System.

Our symptoms are one way the body draws our attention inward to help us restore balance. They are part and parcel of the story of our health. Yet we often go to great lengths to suppress and cover them up. We miss the teaching trying to present itself and inhibit our innate healing capacity.

The practices of Reiji-Ho and BodyTalk help our energy express itself rather than suppress. More importantly they do so in a way that honors the unique sequence in which the body wants to heal. This way the body’s wisdom calls the shots instead of the healthcare professional – healthcare for and driven by your body!

If disease is stagnation, health is circulation of our life force. This circulation wants to come back online in a particular sequence which is unique for each of us. These are the many causative factors that rest beneath the symptoms and that Reiki and BodyTalk take into account. This way we can harness consciousness to foster harmonious outcomes across the full spectrum of our health.


Reiji-Ho connects us with our innate wisdom. It is a ritual of receptivity and surrender and serves as a journey into the inner landscape of meditation. It helps us return to a state of coherence to syncopate all of our vital functions.

Reiji-Ho looks like this: after holding our hands together in front of the heart with a soft awareness on the tips of the two middle fingers touching we draw our hands in front of the brow. This is the symbolic hand gesture of Reiji-Ho.

The practice helps us get out of our own way so we can attune to consciousness itself. Within the practice of Reiki this informs the entire flow of a session. However even if you are not a Reiki practitioner you can practice this symbolic hand gesture to plug into your own wisdom and enter a state of flow or meditation.


BodyTalk is a totally comprehensive whole healthcare system. It is a practice of exploring potential by asking the body what it needs instead of telling it. When given the opportunity the innate wisdom of the body is quite willing to share information that is relevant in restoring its inherent state of wholeness.

BodyTalk is completely safe and non-invasive – allowing the body to recalibrate on its own terms. It’s unique orientation to healthcare is: don’t tell, ask!

My Story of Healing

As a child and young adult I bounced around from one health care professional to another in order to heal chronic ear infections, chronic pain, depression and scoliosis. Each offered treatments to fix what ailed me with an idea of how my body should express health. After forceful adjustments and lots of medications I would continue to present with the same illness and pain. The underlying intelligence within me was being ignored.

Symptoms are merely the tip of an iceberg. We won’t get far in unraveling our health challenges unless we start to look beneath the surface and see into the unseen.

Discovering Reiki and BodyTalk helped tend to the underlying causative factors at play. By coming into contact with what was beneath the surface I was able to yield sustainable shifts in my health – chronic pain fell away, scoliosis unraveled and ear infections stopped plaguing me.

I started to experience health care as a set of practices to connect me with my inner intelligence. Now these practices serve as preventative health care and my first line of defense if I stumble across a health challenge.

Why Consciousness Matters

Honoring the life force instead of trying to fix or change it is a revelation. Consciousness is what both animates and informs our health and life itself. Reiji-Ho and BodyTalk tune us into this essence and awaken us to this realization.

“Consciousness does matter” - Dr. Amit Goswami

These practices bring greater sensitivity to the underlying relationships that make us whole. Reiji-Ho and BodyTalk magnify the mutual interactions within us to yield greater resilience and interconnectivity. This fortifies our innate healing response and calls it to action.

It’s a process of fine tuning the vibrational intelligence of who we are. This creates harmony so the dissonance expressed as disease, illness and symptoms falls away.

In my professional practice I’m not terribly concerned with disease. Rather by tending to relationship I can support the systems general tendency toward balance. This honors the innate wisdom of the body as the conductor of the symphony orchestra that we are. We don’t need to will the individual players into place so much as come into greater contact with the intelligence that is guiding function in the first place. This is the glue that holds together all of the unseen relationships that exist between each and every aspect of who we are.

Consciousness based healthcare addresses hidden patterns and nuances that rest beneath the surface of our physical form. It helps us grow in sensitivity to recognize the flow through of energy within us which is not as predictable as we once thought.

This helps us let go of prescribed treatments that assume a predictable outcome so we can open to the novelty that is the vibrational intelligence within us. This raises the bar in our health and in our ability to engage our potential fully.