Connective Tissue - Information Super Highway

The millions if not trillions of cells within the body are instantly and intrinsically linked at all times. We tend to view the cell membrane as a barrier that keeps the cell separate from the rest of the body however it is quite porous and malleable. A free exchange of information and energy takes place between the cells at all times.

The function of each cell is informed by the function of the cells around it. Being open to input outside of itself allows the cell to be resilient and open to change. It gives the cell an intelligence beyond itself – an integrated intelligence where its function is connected to functions outside of itself.

Because of this, our health can be understood as the sum of many dynamic relationships that give way to wholeness.

We may consider this web of connection a living matrix. It is comprised of collagen, ground substance (hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, keratin sulfate), cytoskeleton (microtubules, microfilaments, microtrabeculae, actin, myosin), nucleus (DNA, histones), and integrins (the connectors).

“Collagen is the most abundant protein in the world and the basic building block of the human body. Additionally it is a semiconductor that extends through the body into every cell creating a semiconducting electronic network.” – Albert Sxent-Gyorgry

Collagen functions as an electrical generator. This has tremendous impact on our health and our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

Because collagen is 80% water, the path of healing rests in realigning water into a crystalline structure so it can transfer information/body electricity effectively. Water functions as an antenna to transfer energy or information throughout all of the cells. In this sense water is a source of universal connection within the body. It becomes the glue that binds and holds everything together.

“Collagen, is not only a crystalline arrangement, but is also wrapped around itself in a helixical structure “ James Oshman, PhD.

Our fascia and connective tissue (collagen) provide the body with an information super highway. Pathways of intelligence are continually informing our awareness, our movement and our physical form.

Information exchange via the connective tissue and fascia help create an open system where all function is informed and integrated. This connectivity, quite literally, is what binds or holds our body together – more so than our skeleton in fact. On a more subtle level, it is the energetic synchronization where frequency of thought, emotion and memory harmonize so a fluid expression may support our total health and vitality.

When our connective tissue is functioning properly we live in a state of coherence to create harmonious outcomes in the fulfillment of our lives.

We can even consider our organs and muscles as specialized connective tissue, where the fibrous layers of all aspects of our body are one continuum of conscious intelligence. The integrins (transmembrane receptors that are the bridges for cell to cell interaction) link the cellular matrix with the extra cellular matrix and with all of the connective tissue. The extracellular matrix is then “hard-wired” both mechanically and energetically to the cytoskeleton (network of fibers composed of proteins contained within the cell’s cytoplasm) and nuclear matrix.

The flow of electricity or information in the body creates a corresponding energy field which has a cascading effect on hormonal balance and endocrine function. This effects our behavior and cognitive function and how we relate to stress.

This web of interconnectivity, is also where we store unprocessed emotion, memory and trauma. Just like we can wear the past on our face – masking our true nature, we can also wear an entire costume of unresolved or stagnant energy within the connective tissue and fascia. This reflects itself in our posture and the associated beliefs and attitudes we hold about ourselves and the world around us. This inhibits the natural flow and circulation of our life force which can compromise all aspects of our health.

More specifically, the cytoskeleton is the mastermind of the cell. It determines how the cell works. It is also precisely where we store beliefs. This can then lead to the connective tissue becoming more rigid which alters the biochemistry which than changes the physiology and overall functioning of the body. This can then have affects on the DNA (as only a small percentage of our DNA is in fact fixed). DNA in one cell is inextricably linked to the DNA in all other cells and is malleable. The cascading affect in one cell will impact the entire bodymind system.

I know first hand how subtle energetic inputs such as Reiki and BodyTalk can create interference patterns to help the system step outside of its acquired rigidity. Offering subtle energetic input can cause a ripple effect in the cell wall to neutralize the charge or distortion that inhibited optimal flow of information and energy.

In just my second BodyTalk session in 2001 emotions and hormones were addressed within the session. I stepped off of the treatment table and my entire spine began to unravel. I literally walked out of the office over an inch taller! The emotional release created a new flow of information and intelligence that allowed a reorganization to occur in me. My lifelong, chronic holding of tension began to liberate so the rigid holding of my scoliosis had space to let go.

“Living systems are highly non-linear. A very small amount of applied energy can produce a much larger flow of energy and matter within the organism. The result can be a sudden shift to a new level of organization”. – Prof Ilya Prigogine – Non-linear processes in biology, Nobel Prize 1977

In fact, less is often more as tissues respond to very tiny energy fields of the appropriate frequencies. By affecting change at the level of the electromagnetic field we affect change at the level of intelligence and organization. Reiki, Meditation, BodyTalk and Prana Flow® Yoga effect change at the energetic level to then yield a greater expression of intelligence. This is why I’ve integrated these practices in The Resilience Project.

In this way physical manifestation and change will arise as a result of first initiating change at the most profound and foundational level of who we are – consciousness. Further, if we are to peer into the body as a hologram, then everything reflects everything else.

As we affect change in consciousness we affect change on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

“The molecules of emotion, and their receptors, are found in every cell in the body. Any state of mind is mimicked by the immune system”. Dr. Candace Pert, Ph.D.

The entire connective tissue matrix of the body acts as the basis and the medium for responsiveness to environmental stimuli. Receptor cells function as filters so neurological information is manageable. From the receptor cell information can travel through the connective tissue pathway of the neurological pathway.

I view ReikiMeditationBodyTalk and Prana Vinyasa Yoga as pathways of consciousness. These practices allow us to live in a responsive and open state of flow. This allows us to live in resonance with our true nature where we can fully align to our inherent state of connection to all that is.