The three ring circus of thoughts in our mind can stir up a flurry of emotion that disrupts the nervous system, creates inflammation and show's up as a multitude of symptoms in the body. Fortunately there's hope! What we find with BodyTalk is that if we address the underlying factors beneath the anxiety the laundry list of health issues starts to clear up with ease. 

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Heal the Split Mind

When we over grip we suffer. The less we cling the more present we become to the totality of ourselves and our experience. With practice we can live in a greater embodied recognition of our innate wholeness. Present moment awareness trains our brain to experience right and left brain function as mutually inclusive, not exclusive. It's a matter of awareness. Living in full presence heals the divide to create an interior awareness that is spacious enough to contain and hold the entire paradox. Here lies the field of possibility where we can engage our potential. 

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BodyTalk on Autoimmune Disease

Your body’s immune system is designed to protect you from disease and infection. With autoimmune disease your immune system literally attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. With over 80 types of autoimmune disease, some having similar symptoms, its difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. Even with a spot on diagnosis autoimmune disease can still elude many treatments. Instead of chasing symptoms BodyTalk efficiently unearths and addresses the unique causative factors resting beneath the surface of inflammation and autoimmune disease, all without the need for a diagnosis!

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Got Allergies?

Beneath allergies lies an often complex mixture of chemical imbalance, stored emotion, holding and adhesions in the tissues, belief systems, environmental disturbances, and genetic imbalances. BodyTalk offers personalized and comprehensive care to ensure safe, effective and sustainable results.

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Essential Oils For Self Care

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from the seeds, bark, stems, leaves, roots and flowers of plants. The therapeutic benefits are many and unique for each type of oil.  

I’ve been using Essential Oils to support my own health for over a decade. Just over a year ago I decided to incorporate Essential Oils into my BodyTalk and Reiki practice. Clients absolutely love how the oils help them integrate the benefits of their sessions and take the healing deeper. 

Are Certain Behaviors Getting in The Way Of What You Want?

Fortunately our behaviors are not hard-wired but soft-wired into the brain. Learn how BodyTalk supports the brain's remarkable capacity to generate and integrate new cells - or neurons, and remodel pre-existing neural circuits.  

What If The Problem Is The Solution?

“Resistance will unfailingly point to true North - meaning that calling or action it most wants to stop us from doing. We can use it as a compass. We can navigate by resistance, letting it guide us to that calling or action that we must follow before all others.” - Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art

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Express Yourself! Beyond Pain With BodyTalk.

What I love most about BodyTalk is it’s life affirming approach to health and life. So often our attempt to fight disease and suppress symptoms is rooted in a place of fear and confusion. BodyTalk restores self-awareness and wholeness so a new organizational intelligence may emerge. This way health care is a dynamic exploration to help us express our potential and heal.    

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Reiki & Grief - Open to Life by Letting it Go

Grief is perhaps the least understood and most under supported emotion in our culture. As we move through loss (death of a loved one, job change, losing our youth, loss of a dream) there can be a flurry of conflicted emotion or we can feel shut down and contracted or both. We often feel confused, alone, misunderstood, or bewildered in our loss.  

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3 Simple Ways to Buy More Time

In Sanskrit, Sandhya means twilight - the junction between light and dark.  This transition in time can be experienced as a sacred juncture.  

Other sacred junctures include the pause between the in-breath and out-breath and the balance point of the recent equinox - intersections that offer us entry into the rhythm of nature.  

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Feeling stuck? What's your groove got to do with it?

Samskaras (Sanskrit – संस्कार) – are impressions that leave imprints or grooves on the subconscious mind from past experience. They are dynamic forces that color our experience of ourselves and affect our state of mind and our response to life itself.

Our conditionings, in the form of thoughts, emotions and behaviors become stronger through repetition. It’s easy for us to fall into the same groove time and time again and feel stuck. Such habits are part of the human condition and I propose can also lay the foundation for opening us to our greatest destiny.

Why You Don't Need to Be Grateful for Anything

Gratitude gives life meaning and yet it need not be dependent on the outside world.

“Gratitude improves emotional and physical health, and it can strengthen relationships and communities.  Without gratitude, life can be lonely, depressing and impoverished. Gratitude enriches human life.  It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms.  People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.” – Dr. Robert Emmons, University of California Professor.

Gratitude is one of the precepts of Reiki and is inherent and integrated within its practice of healing touch and loving meditative awareness.