Reiki helps your system return to balance by flushing out stagnation and congestion. Often times unprocessed emotion gets stored in the diaphragm making it difficult for us to breath fully. This inhibits our ability to digest with ease and can lead to congestion and excess holding in the abdomen. BodyTalk can also help free up space in the body while addressing specific physiological and mechanical function that might be impacting hormonal balance, holding in the tissues and jamming up the digestive system. For example sometimes an imbalance in the pelvis can impact the functioning of the organs while other times an allergy or intolerance is part of the equation. Without diagnosing, BodyThis can unravel these causative factors so your body can release gas, tension and holding on its own.

Hydration is often as issue as well. Many clients report they drink plenty of water but feel they are not absorbing it effectively. BodyTalk can help your body better absorb water at the cellular level so you can receive the nourishment needed to digest properly. This helps support all of your vital functions to and enhances your innate ability to heal.

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