The brain has a remarkable capacity to generate and integrate new cells - or neurons, and remodel pre-existing neural circuits. Our mental activity is based on our brain's neural activity. Our mind and our mental states literally become our brain. 

Plasticity can only occur when our basic needs of safety and connection are met. Then we can begin to create new constructs and frameworks through which to experience ourselves and the world. 

What I love about BodyTalk and Reiki is not only do they return us to a place of safety, and help us change our cognitive frameworks, but they also address our associated physiological responses. The balance of the brain is reflected in the body after all. BodyTalk and Reiki allow the changes in the brain to integrate with the body to produce sustainable improvements in all aspects of our health.

The brain contains over 100 billion neurons interconnected by over a trillion synapses. Synapses are the points of contact between neurons which transfer and store information. Habitual thoughts and behaviors strengthen synapses for better or for worse …

The good news is our behaviors are not hard-wired but soft-wired into the brain. This means new behaviors and thoughts can emerge and old ones can weaken and dissolve. BodyTalk and Reiki make this process easier by addressing our behaviors and thoughts within the context of our entire life experience including past trauma, hereditary and environmental influences. BodyTalk and Reiki harmonize the impact life experience has on our physiology, hormones, beliefs, tissues, muscles and physical structure in a comprehensive, personalized manner.

The structure of the brain is constantly changing. BodyTalk and Reiki optimize the brains capacity for change by aligning it with our innate healing intelligence. This supports a growth mindset that is reflected in our overall health. This makes BodyTalk and Reiki forms of self directed neuroplasticity.

I love hearing how clients not only experience improvements in health but also experience spontaneous and life affirming shifts in their behavior like eating healthier, exercising more regularly, experiencing better sleep, improved relationships and taking more time for self-care etc … 

Instead of a cookie cutter treatment plan, or a top down technique, BodyTalk allows the brain and body to re-pattern according to its own innate wisdom.

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